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. with the u.s. unemployment rate it is a surprisingly a drop. bill lowest level in over three years. economists thought that it would climb. however, it is only 7.8%. it is the lowest in the united states in 44 months. they added 44,000 jobs in the month of september. more americans at a job and also 86 thousands of jobs more for the july and august months. and the unemployment below 8 percent is what they were aiming for. and this is a good indicator of the presidential election. this is again, the lowest level at 7.8%. the lowest in 44 months. >> the albany police chief is releasing a detailed account of the middle school teacher. with lewd and inappropriate relationships with possible multiple alleged victim's. and will tran is the latest. >> good morning he has had over one week to release this information. perhaps he was in the back of the corner. this is a picture of james izumizaki. a very popular teacher however, he was arrested and that he committed suicide. his friends, colleagues say that there is no way he is just too popular. for ke to be gui of this. they thought that
more energy in the u.s. >> part of that is bringing in a pipeline of oil from canada taking advantage of the oil and coal we have here, drilling offshore in alaska, virginia, those things will get us the energy we need. >> reporter: and with gas prices well over the $4 mark, viewers agree with his plan. >> part of being energy independent would end upbringing gas pries down. and i feel like -- that the policies over the last few years speak of themselves. >> reporter: many of these cases belong to the middle class, and romney mentioned things that are important to them. >> every middle income taxpayer no longer will pay any tax on interest, dividends or capital gains. >> yes! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and another thing: job creation. >> my youngest son right now is 23 and, you know, he's having a tough time finding a job that pays decent wages. >> there's no jobs. >> those are all things that will make people feel comfortable with romney. >> hundreds of people packed temple nightclub in san francisco to watch the debate as well. after being disappointed in the first deba
-- investors are stating that the u.s. builders on construction are the fastest at its pace since 2008. this is further indication that the housing market is rising. >> we will have a live look at the opening bell coming up and about 15 minutes. rob black will be joining us at 6:45 a.m.. >> if the u.s. postal service hit is borrowing limit. this least agency >> the holiday pricing wars are on and we have heard that targets will match the prices with on-line competitors like amazon and wal-mart's. if target is stating that they would do this from november 1st thru december 16th. maybe this will save you some money if you can see that you can get it cheaper. we will take a break it is now 6:12 a.m.. >> here's a live look at walnut creek. it will be high and the highs will be about 90 degrees or may be warmer. we will be back with more details. >> tomorrow we may break some records for several areas. this is a record was set back end--it is already off to a pretty mild start. as we've taken out to satellite and radar we are contending with clear skies right now and high pressure is in con
for security -- responsibility for security that u.s. consulate where an attack last month killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. stevens was a bay area native, went to university of california at berkeley. hillary clinton pushing back against criticism of the obama administration. she says security abroad is her job, not that of the white house. >> i take responsibility. i am in charge of the state department. 60,000 people all over the word. 275 posts. the president and the vice president wouldn't be knowledgeable about specific decisions made by security professionals. >> that attack was september 11, hillary clinton says an investigation is underway to determine more about what happened. the obama administration has been criticized since vice president joe biden said the white house did not know about requests to enhance security. that contradicted testimony by state department employees. >>> it was a nice afternoon today with temperatures running in the 70s and 80s. 83 conquered. along the coast line, temperatures mild. 66 half moon bay. 74 san francisco.
tribute to u.s. ambassador, christopher stephens. stevens is a bay. native. killed and eight attac in an at- although it was a somber of bend. friends and dignitaries paid respects to the ambassador. it was a summer-event. also some light moments. we somber- event. >> dignitaries, family, friends, at the san francisco city hall rotunda paying their respects. >> we have lost a true hero to our nation. the accomplishments and generosity lives on in all the places that he has served. >> this is a u.s. representative, lee. >> the representative that have lost their lives in libya of work each and every day to advanced the highest ideals of this great nation. >> current libyan ambassador to the united states. >> you sent us one of your best diplomats but unfortunately were not able to protect them. >> the 52 year-old crew up in piedmont and the siblings brought some lightness talking about his wicked sense of humor. >> i can testify that christopher was industrious little guy. he sent my bassinet on fire with a magnifier mirror. >> and also is everlasting compassion for all. >> he was r
was way out front on this issue. the u.s. government didn't give women the right to vote for another half-century. with "flag facts," i'm alexa. >> some people are hard workers. some are not. new research might explain one reason why. it depends on what you focus on. hard workers concentrate on the goal, but people who shirk their work tend to zero in on all the effort it is going to take to get the task done. so here's the secret to success -- always keep your eyes on the prize. >> a lot of us would like to help make the world a better place. you can get involved with existing service projects, or you can start one of your own. brandon has the story of two teens who did just that. >> is it all right if i play this piece? [ cheers and applause ] all right. >> jourdan urbach reaches out with music. he brings his talent as a violinist to children in hospitals. [ mid-tempo music plays ] [ crowd cheering ] neha gupta reaches out with books. at 16, she has already spent several years helping orphaned children in india. jourdan and neha are recent winners of the world of children youth award. t
unbuilt this ad as his mitt romney is a response to the u.s. embassy. tonight the campaign is calling the criticisms reckless. catherine heenan, kron4. >> as a reminder the vice presidential debate is this thursday. the next presidential debate is october 16th. you can watch both go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates. >> jayson: of jaclyn: 60s right now through daly city and 70's through vallejo. 72 degrees in san jose. this live look from the plaza with more fog moving into the bay area. we will see that fog coverage along the coast and more clouds through the day. as we mentioned at we are looking for more showers for the afternoon. and a slight chance n co70s in los gatos . and 70's and the san jose. also 72 degrees in livermore. the same in pleasanton. 63 degrees and alameda. and cool along the coast with temperatures in the 50s. also:san francisco with '60s and '70s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. some cloud coverage but some sprinkles are not out of the question. we will resume with a sunny conditions and tempera
. >> a federal lawsuit is filed against the u.s. department just to prevent the government from evicting one of oakland's largest medical marijuana dispensaries. the u.s. want to use his property seized power to shut down harbor health center in downtown oakland. the threat is said to me list the interfere with setting up local for collecting taxes. and other prosecutors fought similar action. a survey from cal berkeley finds about 400,000 california coastal trees have died this year that is up 40,000 from last year. a wet spring in 2011 helped to spread of a sudden oak desk disease which kills the inner layer of the tree, cut off its supply. >> will take a quick break we come back out the pain at the pump is good news for amtrak that story straight ahead. we're following live pictures out of our beta colorado were police are searching bore a missing tenure who have more on this story. >> and were back 6: 26 amtracs is the high prices of gas are the reason why they sought a hike in passenger riders. amtrak says july was their best month ever. here in california to train set new records >> t
fatal. [ siren wails ] >> every 10 minutes, someone in the u.s. is rushed to the emergency room with a severe allergic reaction. what's more, food allergies are becoming more common. peanut allergies alone have tripled since our parents were kids. >> i have a friend who's allergic to almonds. >> my friends are allergic to nuts, berries, and milk. >> my best friend is allergic to peanuts. >> one of my friends, she's allergic to peanuts. [ mid-tempo piano music playing ] >> unfortunately, many people don't realize just how serious food allergies can be. heather had to educate her friends and classmates and even a teacher who was using peanut candy for a science lesson. >> and she said, "how allergic are you?" i said, "i can't be in the room if we're doing this experiment." and she dismissed me from class, and that prevented my learning. some teachers, you know, really help me out, and some teachers don't understand it. >> heather spoke about her condition at a conference in washington, d.c. she was invited by f.a.a.n., the food allergy and anaphylaxis network. >> it was really int
carrier. the u.s.s. intrepid was often one of those carriers. to be perfectly accurate, while the enterprise flew missions, they were all within earth's atmosphere, so enterprise never actually went into space, but it blazed a trail for all other shuttles to follow. >> and enterprise was used for some very important tests at the beginning of the shuttle program, and one of the things that enterprise did was test the space shuttle's ability to land in the earth's atmosphere. >> and that launched a space program that lasted 30 years. shuttles like the enterprise flew 134 missions. the crews conducted experiments and brought supplies to the international space station. >> i think it would be pretty sweet to travel to space. >> when the shuttle program ended in 2011, a new kind of space race began. cities across america competed for the retired shuttles. the shuttle atlantis went to the kennedy space center in florida, los angeles won the endeavour, the shuttle discovery is now on display in washington, d.c., and the enterprise traveled in grand style to new york city. how did it
. it is the no. 1 best desktop in the u.s.. >> they also invested the new imac. apple invented a new type of hard drug for this new imac. it is faster. it is called the " fusion " -- hard drive... card, 128 of flash storage and your choice to. and in software, they are fused together into one volume. we do this for a faster reading and be available in november. and the other also ships in december.. >> the california appeals court overturned this case of jovan jackson they say that he should the people to provide evidence that he was doing legal activity with a legal dispensary. >> coming up later came one of the world series. the giants were on fire. coming up, later [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet
. the death toll for the u.s. has now topped 17 people. but at least a hundred flights have been cancelled. they are filling their ripple effect of sandy. >> the markets are closed and this is the first time since 1888 if there have been two consecutive closings on wall street due the long serving--he was the head of store operations for six months and apple did not state the reason for his departure. the company is looking for a replacement. teachin >> the company credits him for bar of original architect of i as all. >> we have seen a lot of photos of facebook and twitter regarding hurricane sandy. quite a few photos have just been flying around. were you called post in and sharing theseteac this picture shows surgshowed ps of guards. this bottle of lady liberty shows that this is from the movie the day after tomorrow. this is a formal shop job taken by a photographer. this is scary clouds that look like they're want to swallow up the empire state building. this happened a year ago and this original one appeared in 2011. be careful where your files are coming from before you post them. t
. the u.s.. >> meanwhile the government is suing walls are walhalla case of mortgage fraud. the lawsuit was filed yesterday >> of san mateo man suspected of attention to kidnap a student from park elementary school. he is charged with trespassing on school grounds that since on september 21st. he kidnapped girl she was able to get away. he was " in the growth in the schools back on. scheduled for one party has fantails superior court with his hearing. the girl was i3- in oakland meanwhile topping 94 the year and now the police department is ready to launch a crime fighting strategy called cease-fire. people in oakland will be called in to meet with flaw in force in the community. they will be warned that they will stop the violence or be targeted for tariffs that charges. >> will be looking at the list of individuals that we called in to see if they are continuing to be involved in violence. if they do we wanted to see if there is something that we are doing wrong any to fix. for if they're not then we can say we are seeing some success. the cease-fire strategy was to try a local match
morning beginning at 6: 30 when the buildings we will see where prices go. u.s. foreclosure filing dropped to a five- year low last month as your homes or on track to be seized by lenders that some good news for the housing industry. >> although there does remain a sharp divergence u.s.tt the flaw of some of the measures in response to the global crisis helps the u.s. economy to grow at a pace better than there was reason to expect. bilbao a ministration the strike resolved by the end of the year the impasse between congress that threatens to impose this fiscal clip that folks have in talking about. those are those tax increases and deep spending cuts that are on the table. if both size and reach an agreement as an the fiscal cliff will happen. >> san jose based ebay had encouraged her is just to browse to collect items they may want to buy later with something that is calling the feed. the feature is reminiscent sites like interes--choppers can edit their feet by adding or removing categories in individual items the company is also launching a smart phone and have a computer at colicky ma
fraud trial of a san francisco crime lab technician. a u.s. judge says jurors in the trial did not reach a unanimous verdict on the charges. the jurors agreed that madden did take cocaine from the lab in 2009 but disagreed over whether prosecutors proved she did so by means of deception. the judge set a hearing for next week to discuss a possible retrial. >>> catholic church will install san francisco's newest archbishop today. he is a 56 year old who most recently served as bishop of oakland. he will be installed during a three hour mass today. he was arrested for dui in august and has a reputation for fiercely opposing same-sex marriage. he was instrumental in promoting california's prop 8, something that does not sit well with a number of city leaders. >>> thanks for waking up with us. it looks like everybody is awake and ready for wall street. this is a live shot from the floor of the new york stock exchange. we'll continue to bring the latest developing news including business news as we continue. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today,
to on the the life of christopher stephens, the u.s. investor to libya, was killed last month. the bay area native was killed along with three other americans in the attack in the u.s. consulate in benghazi here all the people gathered in san francisco to remember him. his sister was there and spoke to the family. the mayor was there and other city officials as well. >> while we have lost a true hero to our nation his accomplishments and generosity lives on in all the places that he has served. >> and stephens family is planning a private service next month in a graph valley where he was born. >> the defense rests its case and the trial of a shell as the bond accused of murdering a person student. closing arguments will begin tomorrow. the victim was attending school when she went missing. in may of last year her body was found in will alameda county at four months after she disappeared. and a pathologist testified in a hearing for a man accused in a cold case murder stephen carlson, is accused of killing a classmate back in 1984. the pathologists believe that 14 year old tina field was attacked w
is not on the list if it was on the c list the u.s. supreme court may hear the prop. 8 case come this spring. a huge jump on wall street the dow jones industrial average of over 1% over a hundred and 47 points. and also a measure of employment increased suggesting that manufacturers added workers last month of that manufacturing new sourcing a big jump on wall street. >> thanks mark is 7: 35 presidential canada's and gearing up their big night on wednesday the first presidential debate. president obama and gop candidate mitt romney are wrapping up some final campaigning in their doing last-minute debate preparation before they face off in denver from reporters are weighing in on who is better prepared. >> i think both are excellent in their own way i think it could argue that mid has had a lot more recent experience. obviously also depends on was moderating. newt gingrich himself just the other day said that he is the best debater he beat all of republicans said they think he's a terrific debater. >> is a game on both sides know you better, know your better. so the way it goes to lower the expectati
after the u.s. expelled the officers top diplomat. >> we drove 23 hours to be here. we will tell the people of venezuela that there is no reason it does not matter who you vote for but you have to vote you cannot imagines how trip that, which that trip can be uncomfortable for somebody in that age group on eight public bus. >> conflicting problems were the iphone 5 is being produced in china. however, this has been rumored that it did, or did not paralyzed production. management's strick demands is a source of contention. >> meanwhile, this hydrochloric acid tanker was struck and led to the .... -spelling of that high on the highway. of that- spilling of the hydrochloric acid. also, a gas leak from another tanker rolled over on its side with seven vehicles and to fire trucks were damaged in this explosion. traffic was impacted. and the cause is still under investigation they closed down the highway for quite some time. >> a generation of space flight is officially launched. we will show you with the take off. there we are back. >> a commercial supply ship is on its way to the int
construction for the crane snapped in half by the high winds. we have 13 deaths in the u.s. as a result of storm sandy. be read good morning. the time is 4:24 a.m.. it is time to get ready for the giants victory parade. they're painting, assembling, and disassembling. there are four people working around the clock with a limited amount of workers to complete everything in less than 24 hours. the intricate designs took hours to complete on the floats. master float builder david thomas has been doing this type of work for 20 years. >> yoalways do that. we ask if e could have two extra days. they told us know. >> f. thomas also says for those of you test not been to the great this is the one to come to. he says this would be something talked about for a long time. >> the san francisco giants have their championship parade tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m.. here is a map showing the parade route. it is different from the route was picked in 2010. instead of the financial district it will start near the ferry building at market and store streets. it will head down market toward mcallister. once
't the only one though. the danville pilot best known for safely landing a disabled u.s. airlines jet on the hudson in 2009 was there too! you see him standing there. he flew fighter jets in the '70s and said he felt like a kid again! then it was grant's turn. >> 6.2 gs, which is pretty good. and we hit that on the break here. so we did pretty well. fought it off, stayed awake the whole time. we tid break the speed of sound. >> there's a lot more where that came from. tune in tomorrow for the in-flight video of grant. he may not have passed out, but did he get sick? [ laughter ] >> kron4 will bring you the blue angels show live, sponsored by jeep. saturday, october the 6th at 3:00 pm. >>> the baseball playoffs are set for the giants and the a's. gary is up next. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars stra
in pakistan. the u.s. embassy is warning people to stay away from islamabad including major hotels. best western, and the marriott anti u.s. activists are in full force. >> and even more tension in that reason in south korea. they have followed the development of missiles that could even impact north korea. the u.s. has prevented those in the south korea with an arms race avoid meant. however, if the u.s. will mislead those the original sanctions. there could be the arms race that could start up. >> take a look at the current conditions we will be back. >> welcome back and this is in hayward. the aftermath of a car that hit a power pole. it originally knocked out power to thousands of people. pg&e crews are on the the scene. and mike pelton. >> good morning, marty pg&e crews are cleaning up after this driver crashed near these intersections and hayward. 5500 people have been impacted with a power outages. this however seems to be the point of contact. it is expected to a full restoration by 9:30 and it could be right now at only 100 people. again pg&e crews are on the scene. the neighbor
coming out with good numbers this morning. >> thanks allot marked the u.s. government issuestill wait wells fargo over mortgage fraud. for making reckless and fraudu cla on defaulted loans which and fraudu cla on defaulted loans which were also certified by wells we don't call this our company, and fraudu cla on defaulted loans which were also certified by wells we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at chase.com/mainstreet >> welcome back to the kron for morning news. it was two lanes blocked on the upper deck with a scooter big rig accident for nearly an hour if has pushed the back of all the way through the macarthur maze. the traffic that to talk about some of the dry times. 25 minutes from the nimitz freeway where the backup is of a way to 80 spl
why a navy submarine collided with a cruiser during routine operations. the u.s. fleet commanded saying that the submarine collided earlier. no one was hurt and the extent of damage is not clear. >> big names in golf playing in the bay area this weekend is the prys in fry s.com///and longtime professional. named to the world called hall of fame. born in san francisco he is even called with the rat pack. frank sinatra. we had a chance to talk. >> big names, bernie else. the debris of so much talent out there. muche ernie els and vj sigh.. >> i am amazed at their talent. how far they can he hit...-i could possibly sign autographs and i will not charge that much clout in the you could get the card top players. through sunday for the top frys.com open.. we will introduce chute t one introduce you to one man aboard that is only missed one day and 60 years (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! ta
. pam? >>pam: this memorial is underway for the u.s. ambassador to libya. christopher stephens. he was killed in the attack this september in benghazi he is being honored at the san francisco city hall. to resel therese som >> this just wrapped up. there were hundreds of people in attendance. it was 90 minutes. this was all in honor of christopher stephens. the u.s. ambassador who died on september 11, 2012. some of those people included dignitaries such as former secretary of state, george shultz. and feinstein, his mother, father, siblings, friends. stephen grew up locally in piedmont attending a uc-berkeley and went to hastings law school. during this attribute the talked about the 52 year- old passion to bring peace to the world. his life's dream was to be a great ambassador or cured here is a tribute from the current ambassador. >> never sought a kinder or present or enlightened souls. then christopher stephens his integrity, character, apathy, courage. his tolerance for ever present and not changing. even with all his success, fame and with the face of a challenge. >> on beha
to air brush history. you were very clear that you would not provide government assistance to the u.s. auto companies, you said they could get in the private market place. that wasn't true. they would have gone through -- [ talking at the same time ] >> you are wrong. >> no, i am not wrong -- [ talking at the same time ] >> sparks fly between president obama and mitt romney during the third and final presidential debate tonight in florida. the two sparred over foreign policy, including the middle east and china. mitt romney said the president's policies are making america look weak. >> governor romney the problem is that on a whole range of issues whether it is the middle east, whether it is afghanistan, whether it is arach, whether it is now -- iraq, whether it is iran, you are all over the map. >> one of the challenges we had with iran they have looked at the administration and felt the administration was not as strong as it needed to be. they saw weakness where they expected to find american strength and the president began an apology tour of going to nations in the middle east and
after the federal reserve senate the u.s. economy still needs help to increase growth and lower unemployment. >> we are watching today's winners and losers with our financial expert, rob black. it seems that every year the college tuition is going up? >> up by 4.8% for the typical education. now, over a thousand dollars per year in the state of california. >> this increase has even outpaced inflation. inflation is usually at 2.4%. with the cost of food and goods and colleges' most expensive. i wished that i could invest in college. and non-profit privaprivate colleges over 29,000. private universities are blaming the state for lack of funding. with the slowing tuition gains but i it just feels like it is out of reach. rum & board 18,000, out of state---room and board! >> to not let your kids grow up. [laughter] and sales for the homes up? >> it is part of the puzzle that housing is back. it has been gaining momentum and i like that new home sales keep in mind that most of the market is existing homes. the highest level in over two years at 5.7%. a hint low mortgage rates are hel
. the sheriff's department, u.s. coast guard, and homeland security all also out in the ball park tonight! the police department had members of the bomb squad inside the stadium looking for suspicious activity. >> we're not allowed to take any days off during the world series, so we're going to have a lot of officers working these events. >> they also had extra officers spread throughout the city to prepare for any celebrations. traffic was a nightmare! the game started right in the middle. the afternoon/early evening commute. enforcement officers ands me were out in force. many pedestrians certainly slowed things down. there were a few frayed nerves. but for the most part, drivers exercised patience and were able to get where they were going. and of course all of those fans need some gear! the ball park was packed today with fans stocking up on orange and black apparel. and these items are not cheap with a lot of the gear going for well over $100. and if you're buying more than one item, that can add up! >> my daughter gave me the list. rally towels, giants bracelets, blanco jersey, craw
. >> the u.s. navy is getting but every it could bring with 26 ships had been ordered to go from a virginia out of its path. it started leaving this morning and will continue to go out this tomorrow morning. they have been putting out sandbags and checking disaster relief of several facilities in the area. in the coming up three brothers, one terrible decision that dramatic video of these stunt gone wrong. >> this new atm encouraging cellphone theft? a of the world series. we have giants. with giants details, this man in canada we have it all complete world series details. >>pam: senator harry reid is out of the hospital after this automobile accident in of las vegas. the motorcade crashed with eight other vehicles. he walked into the hospital on his own and was retreated. he was-treated. >> this car start in florida will was leaving the driver facing charges. this is video. he was trying to jump over this moving car. his brother was behind the wheel. and another brother caught it on the tape. and he had head injuries and he is not woken up since the crash. charges are pending against the
is a naturalized u.s. citizen. after moving here from the dominican republic. she is recovering from her injuries in a hospital. >> a school janitor put hidden cameras in the schools bathroom. josh enzly put bathrooms and the boys pattern, the girls' bathroom. and they have searched his house and found a stash of dvd is. he admitted to making these and putting the cameras in the boys' -- patch from at that school. >> boys' bathroom -- >> the mercury sable and ford focus saying that the throttle could stack from 20-20 03. stack. from the year 2000-2003 it could stac = = stick... we've been talking all night about the giants and let us talk about this sweep they are in detroit and if they're able to get it out. for a hovercraf they could possibly even... a game of five. but it has been cool in detroit. the 40's? >> yes it is going to be cooler for tomorrow it'll be interesting to see if they play on monday. there could be some effects from hurricane sandy. >> the outer band of the storm and not only rainfall but possible snowfall. that could make things interesting but no snowfall in the bay area t
the nation's capital the u.s. supreme code is just minutes away from them putting out the list of cases they will not hear the session. if prop. 8 is on that < san same-sex marriage will be legal in california. we will be right back vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> a live look here at a clear golden gate bridge. no fog there on the back. as we look to the north it is 52 degrees right now. we will gain about 40 degrees with the high being 91 this afternoon. we will see if they can top that up in the vial, is one of the hot spots today. >> san francisco they're taking over the convention center spilling into the streets. the
has more. >> radical extremists and four other men are right in the u.s. early saturday from london. they are facing terror charges went london saying that they could be extradited and immediately. some of these men are being held at the manhattan correctional facility before their fourth court appearance. egypt was one of the highest profile radicals speakers and britain. with this conspiracy connection with the 16 westerners in yemen. and conspiring with others to establish a training camp in oregon. from of north london mosque his itinerary ---gained international attention. and this comment from the authorities. >> i am disappointed. the democratic country and we have one of the best legal systems in the world. >> this extra n the tradition is a major milestone. he faces 11 charges in u.s. court and he could be sentenced to life in prison. kron 4. >> what a great day today for the blue angels and the giants. today, this live look at at&t park. game 1 on the series taking on the cincinnati reds. the reds 3- 0. perhaps that will change. with the flag breezy, cool with temperatures
is offensive. that is not what we do. for us not by u.s. president that's not what i do as commander in chief. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has said she takes for responsibility for what happened but president obama noted as commander in chief he to there's som shows 4f voters who watched last night's debate said the present one showdown. 39 said that s-39 percent said that mitt romney did the better job. the poll only reflects the view of the voters who watched the debate not the views of all americans. >> at temple nightclub in san francisco hundreds gathered to support the president in every time he interrupted our challenge romney for his economic plan folks in the crowd a big chair. many said the president redeem it didn't w see it again we have for you on our website kron 4 .com. could also join our discussion can tell us who you think one can go of the good and bad points you can share that on our facebook and page. >> coming up at 8:15 a.m. kron for analysts will break down what happened last night. >> the san francisco giants play today in st. louis cardin the next three in
after the u.s. anti-dumping agency had overwhelming evidence that he was involved with doping during his professional cycling career. he has lost endorsements from anheuser-busch and nike. he says the last couple of weeks saying that it has been difficult. he has also been worse. armstrong has survived testicular cancer. this final decision could be coming from tomorrow in switzerland. >> police say the man found inside of a burned on below was wearing body armor and holding a hand gun and had a bullet hole in his head. desmond moses live in that on a billable for a deadly shooting spree late last night. the father in the 4 year-old died. the woman and three other children or also shot but are expected to be okay. this autopsy will determine weather or not it is moses. >> this new york community is morning no death of a pregnant woman eight months pregnant. she was found stabbed just before her baby shower. members of the church are no planning her funeral. her baby was only due into weeks. there was no sign of forced entry. her fiancee has been questioned and not been named a suspect th
did, for the most part, spiders are harmless, right? >> in the u.s., the vast majority of spiders are not dangerous to humans. >> so if we're bitten by a harmless spider, do we need to apply first aid? >> yes, wash that spider bite with soap and water two or three times a day until it heals. also, you can apply a cold compress, which is basically just an ice pack. just make sure that there is a piece of cloth between your skin and the ice. >> what spiders are dangerous? >> hmm. there's two of main concern. first is the black widow. it's identified by this red hourglass, but it's on the underside of its body. the second is the brown recluse, which also has a marking on its back in the shape of a violin. if you think you've been stung by either of these spiders, call 911. >> you know, the more i learn about spiders, the more i'm convinced that they're just little, ugly, disgusting creatures. ugh! for "teen kids news," i'm emily. >> to mark our 10th year on tv, each week we take a look back at one of the stories we've covered. [ classical music plays ] >> when ballet first began, the
. >> is a wide variety. american, virgin american, delta, u.s. air all of these airlines. some are already been cancelled. i think it indicates that a weather system has yet to move through. we really dealt not know what yet this could bring. for >> at sfo, haazig madyun kron 4. >> we could continue to see continued delays. the purple, the blue, the pink or showing the lizard storm warnings. this is just crazy! this came up the east coast and it is merged with a blast of cold, arctic air. and on the backside of this hurricane there is snowfall on the radar. and all we see is representing snow and the purple is a mixture. the yellow, red, the orange is indicating rainfall at a different rate. the red is the most extreme. the yellow is still pretty decent. remember, just one week ago we saw that heavy downpour. that light yellow on the screen and you can imagine heavo be. this is virtually stagnant. we will continue to see these heavy rains for the next several hours. that is why it is an absolute certainty that it could be flood advisories. if people are effectuating. taking a look at the people
to racing the minimum drinking age and raising the drinking age. and harsher penalties. and also, the u.s. birth rate fell for the fourth consecutive rate. there were steep declines and latin and new 14 births. they have been on the rise since the 1990's. and to the all-time high of 2007. >> a new report also shows that dozens of weight loss. add supplements are on the store shelves making it illegal to treat or supplements that have cures for diabetes, and cancer and it is strictly prohibited. the fda responded saying that we will ask for congress for more powers over this $20 billion supplement industry. 4:28. this stage is set. this live shot as the candidates are getting ready for the first presidential debate in denver, colorado toward what it they will be talking about 0ñ@Ñ >> let us get to the forecast. this cool down will begin. it >> good morning. we are achieving of perhaps 10 degrees. not triple digits for this afternoon. in fact the warmest spot will be livermore. and a significant cooling for the bayshore this afternoon. and in terms of current conditions. 60s in downtown s
networking side is saying that users in the u.s. will be able to promote their personal posts for a fee. that service has started. they will charge $7 that wants to promote their news or updates. that option will also be of use for promoting events such as bans and parties. the mortgage rates fell to a new record low. and fifth the average 30 year fixed mortgage is at an all-time low of 3.6%. the fixed rate for a 15 year is also at a new record low of 2 + 69. the federal reserve saying that it will purchase $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities. until they see an improvement for the upcoming cured >> honda is pay recall of 820,000 vehicles. 20 02-20 06 civic and the 20 04-20 05, pilot as to be toward that was added back in the month of march. with all 3500 50,000 c r v 2000 to 2, 2003, pilot. on honda, there expansion of recalls. from model 20 03-20 07. the dealership will inspect and replace the wiring components if necessary. still ahead, gasoline prices in california. where can we expect to see those prices the highest court and how long will it last? coming up. >> welcome back.
be more sustainable. >> samsung has filed a motion with the u.s. court at apple's iphone 5 to their ongoing patent battle. they filed a motion yesterday with a california court alleging apples iphone 5 and fringes on eight of its patents. samsung release a statement saying " we have always preferred to compete with the marketplace with our innovative praguproducts instead of an the court room. the company went on to say it little choice now but to take the steps necessary to can't protect our innovations and intellectual property rights. apple is confirming there is a bug that is causing some of their phones to consume major amounts of cellular data. it is happening even when the phones are hitched up with y 5. apple has not commented on how widespread the problem is that it did issue a software update over the weekend that should fix the issue. this should help rise in and possibly at&t users as well. >> a great deal here from christie fields, it look at how come the bay says. let's just shows you the warm air is in place. and the diablo wins are not kicking in. hot temper
. >>> the blue angels streaked across the san francisco bay today. the u.s. navy squadron wrapped up fleet week festivities and performed several stunts in the air near the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. several boats were in the bay to watch the pilots push the aircraft to the limit. >> look at the blue skies out there for today. clear conditions for tonight at the bridge. notice no fog. there is a little bit of low cloudiness out there. otherwise, some bright stars. we'll see the stars filter in as we get toward morning, look for clouds to increase after midnight. the clouds give way to sunshine between 8:00 and 11:00 and some high clouds, the high clouds coming from a weather system offshore that is getting closer tonight and producing a few high clouds towards monday at the -- monterey. the system is not moving much of anywhere but is going to begin to make a push toward the bay area starting tomorrow. so we'll see those high clouds initially and then increasing clouds for tuesday. it will be a day where we have partly sunny skies, clouds and sunshine and the chance for a few showers tues
was this to make for them to do this. you c&ptht and in world news north korea is stating that the u.s. mainland is end range of the missiles. they stated that the war may be in knighted to the north. an unidentified spokesperson said that they are boosting their military. >> the united nations stated that a billion people all around the world is hungry. it has now been changed to 870 million. the organization's stated that there are using more accuracy and statistics to calculate the estimation of the world's hungry. >> the sentencing of jerry sandusky's former coach will be sentenced this morning and here is a picture of him arriving to court and it is supposed to get started at about 20 minutes. they are 30 years but he will be at least a hundred years old. measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians. yes on thirty-eight. >> we do have a chance for a drop or two to fall. we do see some more scheerer right off of the shore. arraigned should last right to the end of the day. >> on to more news
the alcoa up earnings beating a strong costco earnings. the u.s. warehouse chain is still rising. apple is down almost 10 percent and they are bouncing back. apple is in correction territory so far in the last three weeks. it was atheir shares are still up 55%. as many investors stated the they will stay on the sideline as they get a better field. >> other numbers that we are following is gas prices. at the average gallon of gas has dropped by a penny. this is still up by 50¢. $4.66 four california. san jose is a $4.66. it is $3.81 in national. we may see the prices come down slightly and governor brown is asking for the winter blin fuel to be issued. it will help a little but not a lot. they do believe that the cost of gas may drop by end of this week. >> is 6:12 a.m. and we will be back. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male an
nasdaq of 21. u.s. jobless claims have felt of the lowest level in four and half years. u.s. foreclosure pie in san also dropped that is helping to move the numbers this morning. >> and we're taking a look at the numbers are moving as far as at the pump they have a penny. while we are seeing those prices back up we are waiting for the bigger drop which we are hoping is to come because these prices are sky high. >> this ticket quick break it is 7:08 a.m. and i look outside as we go check the view of the golden gate outside as we go check the view of the golden gate bridge. clouds out there >> they oil could have been left over from the wreckage of the deep water wreckage. this b.p. reported that this last month. it cannot be cleaned up. >> court hearing is today for colorado's theater shooter james holmes. prosecutors are filing a 14 additional counts of attempted murder. holmes is accused of gunning down 12 people and wounding 58 >> write a has been ordered to pay $800,000 because of false advertising to customers. rite aid lead consumers to believe that they've played payless for items
is prevention. especially during warm weather. this is the worst year ford must bile across the u.s.. westbound viruses hit more than 4500 people this year. the numbers to not represent a new wave of the scale activity by cases that are slowly making their way to the cdc because of a reporting lag. california is the second most affected state with 11 de look at how gorgeous it is. it is 64 degrees in sampras's go looking for high of 77. that is not bad for late october. hthththththththththththththththt >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben. ben is the identity thief who used a device called a skimmer to steal her information from her card to open a fraudulent account. every year millions of americans just like you learn that a little personal information in the wrong
costly race in u.s. history. it comes amid a campaign finance altered by super pak spirit from raising reports show president obama and republican mitt romney have brought in $1.7 billion for their campaign so far as to death nearly 300 million in donations. millions more death nearly 300 million in donations. millions more o e when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. as we have been reporting giants fans have been celebrating last night's victory of the bay area and above the bay area. we have some video showing a celebration on a flight of 35,000 ft.. >> (cheers & applause) seems like everybody on board the flight was watching the game and won the final out. there is the file. then uc the cheering. that was fun stuff. even high in the sky there were celebrating the giants victory last night. >> as a look at some of the big stores w
21% came from homes costing $500,000 or more. and the report also says the u.s. homes are taking less times to sell than they did a year ago. the time is 6:27 a.m. and we will >> interstate 280 still looks pretty good. it will not be too much longer before these conditions change. >> gorgeous weather is ahead of us. it is crystal clear but we do have some fog. the skies are sunday and the temperatures are in the upper 60s.sonnysunny and the tes in the upper 60s. >> fire crews battled a a fire around midnight last nightt. they continue to monitor this for hot spots. no one was hurt. >> there you have said the giants took game two so we are now tied up one and one. we have the giants heading to st. louis. on monday when we talk everything is different now. last night at at & t park. everyone kept asking what would be the spark to keep the giants going. in the top of the first inning marco school gro would have to leave the game. now the series which is a san louis and game 3 will take place tomorrow. we will have wednesday, thursday, friday and the series will be brought back here. this
there is a big risk for the u.s. information to be stolen. a congressional report is a term as president. he won over a younger rival. he has ties to the castro. he has had a medical problems but he has declared his cell cancer free in july. >> they have made a ground- breaking discovery that sales in the body can be reprogrammed. this is one of the wonders that you are looking at and a british researcher is sharing the prize. that offer new hope for treating parkinson's and diabetes. >> we started off to bed on the degrees in san francisco and los seven days down in the south bay. >> not a lot of cloud cover out there and at a live look outside the golden gate bridge is showed you a little bit of clout cover. the fault should clear up by 10:00 tomorrow morning. there's a storm that is setting off that will move here and it will increase cloud cover and showers. >> a check of the monday evening traffic at the bay area toll plaza. and no problems to report their. it walnut creek the headlights are northbound and you could see that is quite heavy in all directions right now. >> and skydiving is no
going up again the u.s. postal service started announced starting in january he stempel cost 46¢ that is up one penny. for $1.10 customer cam mail a letter in thany where in the world. >> will take a break at 4:25 a.m. we have more straight ahead and live look of lost angeles where this rspace shuttle endeavor is troubling to the california signed center from lax this will be to a trip. more on that story coming up. we will get an update on the weather with erica. more it could not lead to the end of the game because anything can happen with the oakland fans. there's always next year. in the anything could happen with the oakland a's we have seen them do this time and again congratulations great season thank you for a wonderful ride oak and pains. the tigers will face either the yankees of the orioles. >> of course the giants came out on top they continue to move on. victorious over cincinnati the giants defied the odds of beating the cincinnati reds in a historic play off come back. the nationally has never seen a team down 0-2 and come back to win. it was amazing to watch. >>
,000 temporary workers across the u.s. this 10th holiday season. today's announcement follows hired announcements from other major retailers among those macy's plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers. wal-mart says it will be adding about 50,000 to its payroll. awild poisonous are hiring workers as well this year. city officials in oakland are looking at new ways to china curve of the violence will explore that problem coming up with the kron 4 news continues >> and we're back is for 14 a harvard professor has won the nobel prize for economics. >> he got a call from the committee early this morning and had to be convinced that it was not a prank. he will share the $1.2 million prize with a ucla professor they both did work on mathematics in supplying the principles of supply and demand in innovative ways they are the upper seventies for san leandro. meet a is for walnut creek. pittsburgh 85 degrees and alameda gets to a comfortable 75 degrees. of our friends in the north bay to match their mid '80s of novato. 82 in san raphael 82 in petaluma. ocean beach 66 degrees in downtown san francisco a nice
&p was also down, they started to decline yesterday peaafter information that the u.s. economy still needs jobs and in economic return. the average is $4.29. for the bay area. prices continued to fall. >> american airlines could be on the brink of bankruptcy but they are hiring. the spokesperson saying that there will add 1500 flight attendants. in 2005 ordered pilots. 2500 pilots --. much more coming up on the kron 4 but let us take a live look from the golden gate. it is wet. we still have some sprinkles. san francisco looking at 54 degrees. warming up to mid 60's. >> parking sandy paddled jamaica with 80 mph wednesday afternoon. hurricane-sandy 70 percent of the island was without electricity. officials say that 1000 people were in shelters. once it left jamaica it made landfall in cuba overnight. strengthening. with category-no. 2 with 11 mph and even taking up the seas near fort lauderdale. >> i loved it. am visiting from connecticut. >> is awesome. >> the ocean rescue saying that these are dangerous. >> we are advising people not to go into the water. >> but we know that they are not
, yoli. >> it kicks off today. and it's here at pier 30, 32 with the u.s. macon island carrier. they are starting it off with the two-day seminar on disaster response andheim attorney relief -- humanitarian relief. you have the mayor of san francisco coming down to give opening remarks to the seminar. then we go later on in the day with the practicing of the blue angels. so you are going to see them around 1:00. that is when you can start looking in the air and they will do a couple of passes. around 3:00 they will start doing some practice maneuvers as well. let's show you video of them from last year. this is what is going to be a very busy weekend. of course they will be doing a show on friday, saturday and sunday. aside from the blue angels, the headliners, you also have a bunch of other aircraft that are going to be doing a show. that starts earlier in the day. so really all the shows start at 12:30, starting saturday for the next three days. then on top of all the air shows you have the parades of ships. other military ships will come in under the golden gate bridge, par
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